Below you can find current and previous Study Guides from our Wednesday Night Bible Study. 
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The Great Escape Bible Study


Anger can create a level of motivation that is unyielding and much focused! Jesus became quite angry at the money changers in the Temple who were robbing the people and charging high rates to the poor for their sacrifices!

1. Because of His righteous anger what was Jesus determined to do to the money changers in the Temple?

2. How did he go about shutting them down?

3. Do you think that anger is something given to us by God?

4. How can anger be helpful.


Anger however can also take a destructive route.

5. What is usually the driving force that causes us to react in a destructive way?

6. Instead of REACTING what should we do?


Divisive - Read Matthew 5:22

7. Give some examples of fleeting anger and some of destructive anger.



8. What does the word ”Raca" mean?

9. Why do you think saying, “You Fool” is a worse type of anger?

10. What is the penalty for this "you fool" anger?

11. What does “You Fool” anger cause and who is it focused on?

12. Why is it impossible to build the body of Christ with a temper problem?

13. How does Satan sneak in to try and destroy the church?

14. Anger is the opposite of what two fruits of the Spirit?

Those that hurt or destroy Christ's body (the church) will have to deal with Christ who takes His body (the church) very seriously!

Consequence - Read Proverbs 19:19

15. How do we help a saint who has an anger problem?

16. What 2 important truths about anger does this verse tell us?


Deadlines - Read Ephesians 4:26-27

17. What is the first guideline for keeping anger from becoming destructive in our lives or damaging others?

18. Why is it bad to let our anger linger?

19. Why is the phrase "Lest you give the Devil a foothold” important?

Distance - Read Proverbs 22:24-25

20. According to this verse what should we avoid?

21. If we seek help from “a hot-tempered person” what will we gain?

22. If anger is your problem, who should you go to for help?


Read Jonah 4:1-2 c.

23. What did God have Jonah do in this passage to help him overcome his anger and why?

24. What is the problem with only being reactionary to our emotional state?

25. Why should we pray about our anger?

26. What are some things Angry people tend to believe and do?


Read James 1:19-21

27. What does it take to accomplish the three task in very 19?

28. Is it possible to solve the problem by only doing one of the three?

29. The "slow to anger" is the result of what?

30. James says "anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires.” So what must we do when anger rises up?